Asta Auctions specializes in the sale of pro Audio, Lighting, Video and Staging Equipment. 

Asta Auctions was founded to address a need in the AV Industry. Too often the buying and selling of pro Audio, Lighting, Video or Staging equipment was left to those who were not familiar with the specifications or application of a particular piece of gear. Often, this resulted in those selling not realizing the highest prices, and those buying making leap-of-faith purchases. The expertise of the Asta Auction specialists have decades of combined experience buying and selling AV Equipment.

Particularly during these challenging times, sellers need the confidence that comes from working with a company who is equally passionate and knowledgeable, and buyers need to know as much as they can about an item before making a purchase.

Our dedicated  facility provides a clean and comfortable place to inspect and assess items during the preview period. Our team of AV Equipment specialists will be on hand to answer questions from buyers, and provide a reassuring and friendly presence to anyone visiting our facility.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how we can help you realize the best possible result for the sale of your equipment, please get in touch.


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Asta Auctions HQ


Steven Vian

Steven Vian

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