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1. What is a timed online auction?

A timed online auction is hosted entirely on our website. Unlike a traditional auction, there is no live auctioneer encouraging bidders to bid. Rather, every lot is available and bidders can see the current highest bid in real time. After you have registered with Asta Auctions and your registration is approved, you can use our website to bid on any items you like. 

2. How do I register to bid?

Registration for every auction will be open a week or two ahead of every auction. We will ask for some basic information, like your name, email address, phone number and a valid credit card. This will be done through a link on the auction page. Once your registration is approved by our office, you will be able to bid on any item you like. 

3. Can I inspect items for sale before I bid on them?

Yes. Every auction will have at least one opportunity to inspect items at our location in St.Catharines. Since our auctions are selling items ‘as-is, where-is’, we encourage you to visit to ensure that you are indeed interested in bidding on any items. If you don’t visit during one of the preview days, but bid on an item, we will understand this to mean that you’ve waived your right to inspect the items. If you require certainty about the condition of an item, but are unable to visit during a preview day, please do not bid on that item. 

4. How do I collect items I've won in the auction?

Every auction will have scheduled pickup days following the conclusion of bidding. Most of the time every item will be available for pickup at our location at 9 Keefer Road in St.Catharines. During the pandemic, we are working to limit the number of people in our space at one time to comply with provincial and local guidelines, and also ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Until further notice, pickup will be available by scheduled appointment. 

5. I don't live in Ontario or Canada, do I have to pay sales tax?

Asta Auctions collects the harmonized provincial and federal sales tax (HST) of 13% on every item sold. If you live in the USA, Asta Auctions will reimburse the 13% if we receive and confirm receipt of proof of export, including a bill of lading and a customs clearance certificate within 30 days of the conclusion of the auction. 

6. Do you ship?

Yes, we provide shipping assistance. 

If you require shipping assistance, please advise during settlement. 

We will obtain a quote from Day & Ross or FedEx and add a nominal fee for packing and packing materials. For international shipments, we work with Global Motion, who will handle all customs and brokerage requirements. 

You are of course welcome to make your own shipping arrangements, but if you require our assistance packing your items for shipment a fee will apply. 

7. Why do you require a pre-authorization on my credit card?

The pre-authorization protects the integrity of every auction, by preventing ‘bogus’ accounts from bidding to drive up prices artificially, or interfere with the auction generally. The amount may be as little as $300, or as much as $1,000, depending on the auction. Don’t worry, the amount will be shared in the Auction Info, so you can decide if you want to participate before you register. 

The pre-authorization will be released at the conclusion of every auction. Payment for any items you have won is a separate process.

8. What does 'as-is, where-is' mean?

‘As-is, where-is’ means that unlike in the sale of a new item, there is no warranty offered or guarantee of the condition. The item is being sold in its present condition, with no repairs undertaken prior to the sale. If there is an item that interests you in one of our auctions, you are invited to inspect it during one of our scheduled ‘preview’ days. If you are not able to visit to inspect, or the information provided in the lot catalog is insufficient, or our answers to your questions are not enough to satisfy your need to understand the condition of an item, please do not bid. If you bid on an item without inspecting it, we understand that to mean that you are satisfied with the description we have provided and the condition of the item. 

9. Are there any fees required to participate in an auction?

Every auction has a Buyer’s Premium, which, depending on the auction, is between 12% and 18%, and added to the winning bid. 

We collect HST, the Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax, which is 13%. 

Winning bidders who choose to pay by credit card will have a 2.5% processing fee charged for any amount over $2,000.00 CDN.